Ed Sheeran | Divide Tour in Paris

Ed Sheeran returned to France for a series of concerts earlier this month. As a spur-of-the-moment thing, my friend and I decided to buy pit tickets last year not knowing if we would be able to fly there as we were both living abroad at that time. Thankfully we could make it and we head to Paris on the 6th of July to attend Ed’s show at Le Stade de France. Continue reading

One Direction has been on hiatus for 582 days

In 2016, One Direction decided take a much deserved break and give a chance to their solo material. We’ve all wept, that’s for sure. But even though we don’t get to see them promoting and touring together anymore, the boys interacted with each other and mentioned 1D quite a few times over the last months. And I know that six years ago I’ve said I would eventually get over them, but we’re not getting close aren’t we, so… here’s an article about all the things One Direction did during the hiatus that had us in tears. Continue reading