Jesse McCartney released a new song and we’re all 14 again

For those who know me, you’re probably more than aware of the fact that I used to have a HUGE crush on Jesse McCartney growing up. And when I say crush, more like I was completely in love with him.
Anywho, the 30-year-old musician/actor came back with a long-awaited new single last week entitled “Better with You”.

After starring in numerous TV shows (remember that time when he popped up in Young and Hungry and we all went crazy?) and voicing children movies, he released his first song since the album In Technicolor in 2014.

The video music directed by Camille Benton premiered on VEVO and featured none other than the gorgeous Danielle Campbell and a never ageing Jesse McCartney. Much to our excitement, Jesse seems to be rocking a new hairstyle and going back to his old self with blonde hair. His VEVO account hadn’t been active for the past 3 years but fans feel like this new single marks the beginning of new era and are expecting a new album to come out soon.

He really seems to be back in the game as he is currently updating his social media accounts more than ever and touring the USA to promote his new music.

It’s official… Jesse McCartney is back and everyone’s 14 year-old self is freaking out. And we all agree that he didn’t change one bit.

“Better with You” is available on Spotify, you guys ~

Photo Credit: Grant Spanier


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